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Top UI/UX Designers you should have follow them for inspiration.

Whats is UI Design

At it’s basic level, UI Design is the visual elements that make up a digital product or experience. Creating websites that are responsive, visually attractive, and easy to navigate. We understand the user journey to make navigation seamless. This includes the design of screens, buttons, icons, images, text, and all other visual elements a user will see and interact with.

Andy Budd

He is one of the best UX leader at User Experience design agency at Clearleft and also the creator of a usability testing application Silverback. Andy Budd has been innovative contributor to the explorer Web Standards movement, with post opinions and useful links regularly posted for fellow designers.

David Armano

As the director of Global Strategy, David owns two decades of experience in digital branding and marketing for large-sized companies like Ebay, Adidas and HP. Plus, he’s a productive writer and has been contributing to Bloomberg Businessweek during the past.

Jared M Spool

Jared M Spool has 15 years experience in user interface engineering and is a highly recognized authority in this field. If you are now looking for regular interaction, you can follow his account and there will be bountiful debate and sharings across his feed.

Aarron Walter

As the author of Designing for Emotion, Aarron will tell you how exactly to get users attracted by your website. His Twitter feed is full of interesting UX insights and design inspiration, with an entire list of his publications on his personal website.

Jide Lambo

Jide Lambo is a professional UI/UX designer and front-end developer from Finland. He led a few projects as a design lead, and the cohesion of the elements between the mobile and web versions of the same products is spectacular.

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